Martijn, management advisor, Utrecht:

My main question to Marian was how to find a suitable job in line with my qualities, after I stopped with my company. I experienced the guidance as very result oriented aswell as very pleasant. I managed pretty soon to start with a interesting assignment and this summer I could move to a nice steady job. 

I can certainly recommend Marian van Schip. From day one the focus was on the end result: finding the right job for me!

Stephanie, litigation advisor for personal injury cases, Hilversum:

I was looking for a coach/career coach in my area who could support me in a practical way. I am quite a level-headed person and wanted a similar approach from my coach. Marian van Schip helped me enormously by deploying tests, exercises and initiating discussions. I did not feel judged when she gave me insights that I needed to see. She taught me how to think outside the box and to look at what really suited me and what didn’t (with surprising results.) She gave me useful advice on my CV, cover letters, application in general and on LinkedIn. In the meantime, I have found a job which ticks all the boxes. Marian helped me so much!

Jaap, Director/Board Member, Vorden:

Like many people do, I got to the point in my career where I had to make some choices: Am I going to walk the same path or should I choose a different direction? These are not easy choices. With Marian's support, I was able to explore my options to reach a good decision about my career. Now I am energised at work and feel that my job suits my vision and lifestyle. If you are faced with an important choice, please contact Marian!

Agnieszka, administrator, Hilversum:

Great coach. I'm very happy with Marian's career advice. Shortly after 3 sessions I found my new career challenge. Very productive meetings, very suitable guidance, very effective homework and the perfect listener. I totally recommend Marian make your carrier switch :)

Iris, air quality advisor, Utrecht:

Marian helped me immensely to discover what I wanted from my career and how to get there. The tools we used gave me a good self-insight. The discussions with Marian gave me a lot of self-confidence during the application process and I ended up finding a great job that suits my needs.

Claudia, outpatient counsellor, Utrecht:

Time to change and desire for a new job. Over the course of 6 meetings, Marian helped me to reach a level of competency in the job application process that I would never have achieved alone. We worked on interview roleplays and writing motivational letters where I learnt to state my motivation for working for that particular employee, along with my general motivation and suitability for the job in question. 

For me it was a real eye-opener to discover that my competencies were not visible during an interview. Marian introduced me to the STARR method which helped me enormously to make my qualities shine through. Marian has a relaxed style of communication which made me feel very much at ease. At the same time, I felt that Marian took me and the process seriously. The tempo was good, and Marian always retained an overview of the process. She is a good listener, knows when to ask the right questions and take such notes to be able to hone in on certain points later down the line.

The fact that Marian herself has hired and coached people as a manager enables her to draw from her rich experience. This, however, was not in the foreground. I always felt that I, as the client, was the main focus of the discussions. Marian likes to work with makers and shakers, and this is obvious. She gives you a lot of responsibility for the process whilst giving you space for your development.

Mounia, front office employee, Alkmaar

I was looking for a new direction in my career but did not know exactly what and where. Marian helped me to find the path that suited me best. She is systematic, very enthusiastic, very skilled, open, honest and sometimes, confrontational! I greatly benefited from Marian’s support and am very happy that our paths crossed and I was able to make use of her services. I highly recommend her!      

Anita, residential counselor, Thomashuis, Brummen: 

After 2 years of development work in Ghana I wanted a change of direction when I returned to the Netherlands. I was not yet clear on the exact direction. During a meeting with Marian I discovered several tools to get started with what I referred to as my Job Orientation. This period took several months and along the way I had several valuable and inspiring encounters with different people. I gained a clear insight into what I was looking for and undertook a personal branding phase which ultimately resulted in a challenging job in a new setting and role.

Marian's contribution to this whole process was essential. With an open, sincere and interested attitude, she guided my search by asking the right questions and giving practical advice for my search.

Meron, financial administrative employee, Den Haag:

Marian is an enthusiastic, energetic person with a direct way of communicating, which was exactly what I needed from a coach/careers advisor! She was very involved in my process and was always available for me. Where necessary, she confronted and pointed problems on time, but exerted the right level of pressure to get me back on track. I am very grateful to Marian for everything she has done for me!

Daniella, customer advisor, financial services, Rotterdam:

Marian helped me enormously on my outplacement project. She communicates clearly and unambiguously and does everything she can to ensure that you remain motivated and make progress. I enjoyed having Marian by my side during this process!


Jacqueline, senior trainer, Utrecht:

Marian van Schip is a very experienced career coach with an optimistic and realistic take on career opportunities, and what it takes to turn them into gold. She knows how to confront people and ask the right questions in a positive way, providing you with an insight into what it takes to adjust your course. At the same time, she knows how to identify your qualities, which is very motivating. She is also a good mirror for (start-up) entrepreneurs. She has helped me very much to gain clarity on what my current priorities in my company are within a short period of time. Furthermore, she is a lovely person with a great sense of humour!

Masja, career coach, Oostzaan:

After more than 20 years as an employee, I really wanted to take the step towards self-employment. However, there were too many mental roadblocks for me to take any action.  The guidance program specially developed by Marian was exactly what I needed to take the step to be successful. Marian gave me a good structure to follow with a very clear step-by-step plan. The comprehensive entrepreneurial assessment gave me the feeling that I could have confidence and trust in this process. Marian also made me aware of my pitfalls and gave me useful development tools. She developed a structure for my time management when she noticed that I often could not see the big picture. 

She held me back me when I tried to go too fast and pointed out situations when I was trying to make things too complicated. The result is that within 6 weeks I had my first two assignments and within 1 month I had my business plan ready. The model that Marian used served as a basis for my development plans for the future and as a measure of how I am achieving my goals. The process was qualitatively strong, providing structure, whilst being extremely informative and also enlightening and inspiring. Marian is a very good sparring partner full energy and with a great sense of humour.

Tessa, project and change manager, Utrecht:

Marian gave me careers guidance in becoming an independent entrepreneur. She deployed a well-structured approach which encompassed all required topics. I experienced her as an enthusiastic and warm person with in-depth knowledge. She is direct in her communication, gives you confidence and confronts you, where necessary. She is very involved with, and sincerely interested in the people she coaches. Even if you do not have a scheduled appointment, she will regularly enquire about your progress. She is proactive in taking action by initiating a discussion and generating new ideas if she feels that the process is becoming deadlocked.

She has also taught me the importance of maintaining a good balance between reason and feeling when making decisions. All this has resulted in a happy person with a high energy levels and a great first year as an independent entrepreneur. Besides this, it is a lot of fun to work with her. In short – a great recommendation for anyone who wants to take the next step in their career!

Monique, career advisor, Amsterdam:

There I was, convinced of my decision to let go of my old job and to intensify my development to become a career advisor, however uncertain as whether self-employment would suit me and whether there are even jobs in this profession. I was also curious as to the value of being coached by a dyed-in-the-wool career advisor!

Firstly, we assessed whether I had the means to make it as an independent entrepreneur. It was good to see that Marian had a clear structure to do this research with me and to research the market too. With Marian's clear feedback and advice, my uncertainty about my choice disappeared bit by bit into the background. Determining my niche was a difficult process, but with her support I arrived at a clear result. She also turned out to be the right sparring partner to draw up a sound plan with. Her coaching energised me enormously.

Just at the point where I wanted to say 'yes' to self-employment, I discovered I was pregnant.  I decided to put the self-employment plan on hold to and to focus on the employment market. Not only did Marian understand my situation in-depth, but she allowed me to make use of her strong network! 

What was so good about her coaching? It is so nice to work with someone who is so flexible and easily available for any interim questions you may have. She gave me the confidence to believe that there are jobs out there, for example by showing me vacancies that suited me. Her humour and practical approach made the process such good fun. With her experienced track record, she constantly held up a mirror to my face which gave me confidence in my opportunities, and despite my own experience as a careers advisor, her advice on the job application process and networking were very useful to me. Finally, I was hired for a great vacancy that Marian found for me!

Han, franchise entrepreneur - Poda Omheiningen, Breezand Noord-Holland:

After having worked for the same employer for 30 years, I was now 55  years old, out of work and uncertain on how to proceed. I knew what I didn't want but what did I want? That was the question.

Marian helped me tremendously. She was able to put me back on track by coaching me to ascertain what I actually wanted, and, above all, the conditions surrounding it. Partly because of her practical and down-to-earth approach, I made several clear choices for myself. Marian also helped me with practical matters such as my LinkedIn profile and CV, and she gave me good tips on how to write a good application.

Along the way,  two opportunities arose - a commercial role in field sales or setting up my own business.

Eventually I set up my own business. Marian held a metaphorical mirror up to my face and continued to support me with helpful suggestions and advice to get off to a good start.

Marian – I thank you for your support in this project. I did not expect this result in a period of only 7 months. This, partly because of your drive and results-focussed approach.

Judith, corporate team manager, Maarssen: 

I experienced Marian as a very driven and determined HR professional. Her input was crucial when I was at a crossroads in my career and was considering becoming an independent entrepreneur. Marian is more than able to give an insight into what this involves in a practical sense. She established the link between the competencies I already had and those that had to be developed. She thinks in terms of opportunities for growth but remains realistic. My meetings with her energised me so much I can definitely recommend that start-up entrepreneurs avail of Marian's guidance in the preparatory phase of their business set-up to increase the success rate.

Corporate clients

Annemarie Lootsma, Lootsma & Co, HR office for advice and support, Sint Maartensbrug:

I've worked with Marian a few times as her contractor. Outplacement projects are in good hands with Marian and you can trust that she will do everything she can to help the employees find another job. We have a 100% success rate with Marian. Should we need more outplacements/if we have any career-related issues I would not hesitate to contract Marian again. Furthermore, the collaboration with Marian is very pleasant, with clear feedback, direct communication and empathy for the employees involved.

Service category: Careers advisor

Year first adopted: 2012 (contracted more than once)

Most important qualities: Great results, pleasant, high levels of integrity.


Patricia Collignon, coordinator for education and projects – outplacement agency C3:

Marian was my direct supervisor at the outplacement agency C3werkt. She combines decisiveness with attention to her employees. In a short period of time she understands where the bottlenecks are, and will ensure process optimisation. On account of her coaching qualities she knows how to bring out the best in her employees.

Do you want to find out more? Contact me or send an email to: info@vanschipadvies.nl.