(Start-up) Entrepreneurs

Are you considering self-employment?

Are you an experienced professional graduate and would like support in switching from paid employment to starting your own business? Would you like to become self-employed or a freelancer? Have you already started out as an entrepreneur?

Typical customers questions/ comments:

  • Does self-employment suit my personality?
  • How do I deal with my own insecurities in the process?
  • I need a critical sparring partner to discuss my business idea with
  • I want to improve my entrepreneurial skills
  • How do I get paid customers?
  • How do I decide upon the right product or service?
  • How can I expand my network, both online and offline?
  • In reverse: I am an entrepreneur and want to return to paid employment

I am happy to support you in starting up your own company successfully via individual business coaching.

As an entrepreneur, you have several roles to play in addition to your field of expertise, including that of purchaser, salesperson, accountant, marketer, etc. If you, as an entrepreneur, know where your talents lie, you can make the right decisions for you.

How does the process work?

1) The orientation phase for you as an entrepreneur starts after the first consultation. You fill out our online form to get an interview. The turnaround time is one month. The result of this phase is a provisional 'go' or 'no-go' to investigate the option of self-employment in-depth.

2) In the preparation phase you start building the foundation of your company. You start by drafting your initial plan. I will provide you with a contemporary and suitable template for this.

You will be offered a maximum of 4 appointments during phase 2 which has a turnaround time of 2 months (maximum.) During this time you will discover if your business is a “go” or a “no-go.” You will be given assignments between appointments.

In the case of a “no-go”, I can assist you in finding a salaried position via outplacement.

3) In the third phase you will start concretely building your company with regular coaching sessions spread over 3-6 months. Once a month you will have an individual session with your coach and will receive assignments to complete. Communication between these sessions will occur at regular intervals via telephone and e-coaching. The result of this phase is: 

  • Your company is set up and ready to do business
  • You are registered at the Chamber of commerce
  • You have insight into, and knowledge of the entrepreneurial skills required
  • We will aim to acquire your first paying customer
  • You will have a plan of action including planning for the next step

You can sign up at any time

Duration: 6 months on average


Entrepreneur assessment: Test your suitability as an entrepreneur

Do you have the aptitude to be your own boss? How enterprising are you? Are you weighing up whether to take the plunge? Take this extensive entrepreneurial assessment to find out. Your skills, qualities and mindset as an entrepreneur will be thoroughly assessed so that you can evaluate your suitability as an entrepreneur. It is a customized product and therefore completely tailored to you.

Rate: €350,- excl. VAT (or €425,- including 21% VAT). This includes the intake session, the online assessment, an extensive report and a personal one-on-one debrief. Registration: Ongoing

My working method is practical, personal and professional. The result is always at the core.

I specialise in providing services. 

A first consultation is always gratis and non-binding. To find out more about me, please see “about me”. 

Are you looking for professional coaching for your staff? Contact me or send an email to: info@vanschipadvies.nl

For financial and legal queries such as the financial feasibility of a business plan, I collaborate with a range of specialists, to whom I can refer you.