Career coaching

Support for HR Specialists and Managers

I deploy my knowledge and expertise to coach and help in the job search switching jobs by choice or out of need. If you are an employer, you need the right people in the right place at the right time. You can give careers advice when you notice that your employees:

  • Have some questions on their professional development
  • Feel they are stagnating
  • Don’t know what the next step is in their career
  • Need education and advice on training
  • Are not thriving in their current role.

You may wish to retain certain employees for your organization and offer careers guidance to help identify their goals.

Are you looking for a senior career coach in the Utrecht or Hilversum regions? A coach who is results-oriented but keeps your needs in mind? Someone who will provide a tailored-made solution and will work towards a sustainable solution for your staff?

In terms of my target group, my focus is on experienced professionals from graduate to executive level - people who want to feel energised at work (once again!)  and have fun!

My customers often have the following in common:

  • They wish to encourage their staff to examine what would be a good next step in their career
  • They would like to speed up the orientation process of their staff
  • They consider everyone to be unique
  • Their staff also wish to look into whether they want to stay in employment or branch out into freelancing
  • They are interested in receiving regular feedback, by telephone or via a report, on the progress made (we adhere to the rules set out by the professional association for career advisors NOLOC).
  • If they are experiencing problems with an employee, they try to achieve consensus on how to proceed.

I am happy to help!


What are the results of 1-1 career coaching with me? Your employee will know where their “ideal” place is and what they must do or develop within themselves to get there or stay there. They will learn to present themselves in a fitting way and have a concrete plan of action for their future.   

 The process

I will guide your employee along their career path, helping them to gain a clear insight into what they want, what suits them, what type of company they want to work for, which roles they can find and how to get there over a short and intensive period of time. If required, I work with digital assessments which deliver an insight into their personal characteristics, experience and education, skills and interests. 

Following this, a maximum of 5 pesonal meetings will be held which will provide your employee with a clear insight into their interests, what they enjoy and what gives them satisfaction.  Between these sessions they will complete customised digital assignments which will enlighten them on which step to take next in their career. My approach is practical and results-oriented with a human element and with your needs in mind. Always.


The research period takes a maximum of 3 months. Meetings are held approximately every 2 weeks. In between  sessions, I will stay in regular contact via mail, phone or TEAMS. Each project is intensive and tailor-made. I only use the resources necessary for the project. The subjects and the topics in each phase can therefore differ from candidate to candidate.


The first consultation is always gratis and non-binding. After agreement, the working method, the budget, any evaluation criteria and the duration of the project are fixed, to provide clarity on project expectations.

If you would like to find out more about me, see my about me page

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